Podcast #BIMdannmalweg


You would like to spend a semester abroad, but don't know exactly to which partner university you want to go to? Well, then listen to our FWiWi Podcast #BIMdannmalweg to get some inspiration.

In each episode, students who spent one or more semesters abroad will be interviewed and share their valuable experiences with us. This will give you an insight into the culture of the chosen country, get to know the partner university a little bit better and give you helpful tips for your journey.

In addition to regular BIM (Bachelor International Management) or Business Administration students, international students from abroad will also be interviewed in English to provide linguistic and cultural variety. In addition, the contents of the episode can also be found in a transcribed and translated version, as we want to guarantee a barrier-free accessibility.

For specific questions or suggestions, you can always email us (bimdannmalweg.fwiwi[at]thws.de) or contact us via Instagram (@fwiwi.thws). We are looking forward to you! Enjoy the journey! 

Intro Episode

Podcast #BIM dann mal weg

Shownotes Intro episode

In this intro episode, Lara Yargiman, the "founder" of the podcast #BIMdannmalweg introduces herself. Here you can find out what led her to dedicate herself to this project and what her specific goals goals are. In this format, students talk about their semester abroad and tell you about the partner university, the cultural differences and the various leisure activities that you should not miss. This might make it easier for you to come to a decision when it's time to go abroad. Are you curious, eager to travel and open for new things? Then listen in! If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach us either via email (bimdannmalweg.fwiwi@thws.de) or via Instagram (@fwiwi.thws). Let's start the journey!

(Note: All episodes are available in an English translated and transcribed version by clicking on the episode #barrierfree)


Episode Published University
Finland - #BIMdannmalinFinnland 05/2021 LAB University
Italy - #BIMdannmalinItalien 06/2021 University of Salerno
Portugal - #BIMdannmalinPortugal 06/2021 ISCAL University
Singapore - #BIMdannmalinSingapur 07/2021 Nanyang Polytechnic
Jordan - #BIMdannmalinJordanien 07/2021 German-Jordanian University
Taiwan - #BIMdannmalinTaiwan 08/2021 Shih Chien University
Israel - #BIMdannmalinIsrael 08/2021 College of Management Academic Studies
Czech Republic - #BIMdannmalinTschechien 09/2021 Unicorn College
Netherlands - #BIMdannmalinGroningen 10/2021 Hanzehogeschool
Spain - #BIMdannmalinBarcelona 10/2021 Tecnocampus
USA - #BIMdannmalinSouthCarolina 11/2021 Anderson University
USA and Taiwan - #BIMdannmalinKalifornienUndTaiwan 11/2021 San Diego State University / Shih-Chien University
Colombia - #BIMdannmalinKolumbien 01/2022 Universidad Industrial de Santander
Thailand - #BIMdannmalinThailand 04/2022 Rajamangala University of Technology (RMUTP)
South Korea - #BIMdannmalinSüdkorea 05/2022 Konkuk University
Spain - #BIMdannmalinSpanien 06/2022 UCAM – Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia
Belgium - #BIMdannmalinBelgien 07/2022 Karel de Grote University
Mexico - #BIMdannmalinMexiko 10/2022 Tecnológico de Monterrey
Israel - #BIMdannmalinTelAviv 11/2022 Internship in Tel Aviv
Germany - #BIMdannmalinWuerzburg 01/2023 Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt