Im Folgenden finden Sie typische Fragen, die uns häufig gestellt werden. Falls Sie Fragen haben, die nicht in der FAQ-Liste enthalten sind, dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte entweder über das Kontaktformular oder sprechen Sie den für Sie zuständigen Marketing Manager an!  

No, as THWS is a public university, it does not offer scholarships. All MBA International Business students pay the same tuition.

Yes of course, you can apply for other scholarships, offered by the DAAD or by other organisations. Once you have been admitted to our program, we can provide you with a confirmation of acceptance that you can use to apply for scholarships.

No, the MBA International Business is a regular MBA program.

No, our MBA International Business is a classic general management program with a focus on doing business in an international setting. As specialization, our students choose one world region (Europe, Asia or Latin America) and get detailed insights into the peculiarities of doing business in and with that region.

In case you are looking for an English-taught MBA program with a financial focus, we can recommend the MBA Financial Management at nearby Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

No, as during your stay abroad, a specific module (Doing Business in Focus Region) is taught as an integral part of your studies, we have contracts with specific partner universities that teach the contents of this module for us.

The application process is done completely online on our own website: please go the our easy-to-use application template and fill the information and upload your documents. Application is possible all year round, but the application deadline is July 30th for the programme start in October of the same year. You will automatically receive feedback whether you are admitted to our program within 2 weeks.

We do not charge any application fee and we also do not require you to use uni-assist.

The program starts once a year in October.

Please have a look at the facebook page of the MBA International Business, where we regularly post interesting news.

Yes, the MBA International Business is a completely English-speaking program. All classes are taught in English, and all communication is done in English as well. This is why you need English language skills at least on B2 Level.

Latest 12 months after the start of the program, you have to document German language skills on the basic A1 level. But you will easily be able to documents those skills just by living and studying in Würzburg.

Würzburg is a beautiful medium-sized city located in the center of Germany. It is both a historic city, with a fortress on top of the city and the Bishop’s residence (UNESCO World Heritage Site). In the city as well as all around the city, you will find the vineyards where the famous Franconian white wine („Bocksbeutel“) is produced. At the same time, Wuerzburg is a very young city, as around every fourth inhabitant of Würzburg is a student!

Our university THWS has two locations: the city of Wuerzburg and the city of Schweinfurt. They are about 40 kilometers apart with excellent train and highway connection between them. All classes of the MBA International Business take place solely in Wuerzburg, however. Here is the link to "the Villa", the University Building where the majority of classes of the MBA International Business take place:

„University of Applied Sciences“ means the we focus on business practice rather than on theoretical research. This is why doing an MBA program at a university of applied sciences is a good idea!

THWS is the German abbreviation for Technische Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt, translated into English „Technical University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt“.

This is a double yes:

1) Your student visa allows you to work a maximum of 120 days full time (or 240 days part time).

2) As the courses are held mainly on Fridays and Saturdays, you will have the chance to work during the week in case you want to.

Depending on the region you come from, please contact the Marketing Manager that is responsible for your Region.

All non-European Union students need a student visa. For your visa application at the German Embassy/Consulate in your country, we will provide you with a letter of acceptance once your application has been accepted by our admissions council. Please check your local German Embassy/Consulate for the process and requirements for obtaining a Student visa.

Please have a look at the application site, where the study requirements are listed.

Yes, the MBA is a regular Master degree that entitles to start a Ph.D. program in Germany.

Yes it is. Full time is defined by the amount of credits (30) that can be earned in one semester.

Every year, our students literally come from all over the world. To give you an idea, the students from class 17 (2019-2021) come from the following nations: India, Thailand, Mexico, Iran, USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, Nepal and Russia. We typically have an equal distribution of male and female students. The maximum number of students is 25, while most batches have around 15 students.

MBA programs are always non-consecutive programs, which means you cannot study them right after your bachelor degree, but you need to bring at least 1 year of work experience. The work experience must by achieved after finishing your bachelor degree, which means work before or during the bachelor degree does not count.

While the tuition fees goes to our university to cover the cost of the program, the administrative fee goes to the students‘ union. The administrative fee needs to be paid by every student at a German university. Out of this fee, the free students' ticket for the local public transportation system is financed, among other things!

No, THWS is a public university owned by the German state of Bavaria. Being a public university means that we are not profit-making. The tuition fee is calculated to cover the cost of the program.

We have a well balanced mix of professors from THWS, professors from other universities and practicioners that bring their job experience into the classes.

Yes of Course, we are accredited by the German Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat) until 30.09.2028.

This question is hard to anwer, as it depends a lot on your individual lifestyle. The students‘ union estimates that the average students spends about 700 Euros per month for living in Würzburg.

Yes, after you have successfully finished your MBA program, you are entitled to stay at least 12 more months in Germany to find a job.

The regular duration of the program is 3 semesters incl. Master’s Thesis. This means that the MBA degree is regularly awarded to you after 18 months.

If you start to study the MBA in modular studies (see separate FAQ) and then decide to continue, then the programme can take 4 or 5 Semesters.

In case you are/were employed: typically by a certificate of employment from your employer(s). Alternatively, you can provide a copy of your work contract, a payment slip etc.

In case you are/were self-employed: e.g. by customer orders

We accept a certification from all known test centers including but not limited to TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate, IELTS. The certification must document that your English language skills are at least on Level B2 of the CEFR. In case English is your native tongue, we do not require a certificate. In case you have studied your graduate program completely in English language, a corresponding statement from your university is sufficient. As a German applicant, your "Abiturzeugnis" typically contains a statement concerning English language skills.

Wuerzburg is located in the center of Germany. It lies in the north of the state of Bavaria and is the capital of the Lower Franconia region. It has excellent connection to regional trains and to national high speed trains. Moreover, Wuerburg lies at the intersection of two of the largest national highways (east-west-bound A3 and north-south-bound A7). The cities of Frankfurt (north-west) and Nuremberg (south-east) are about one hour away by either car or train.

Generally, we do not require official certifications, but you need to present the original documents when you enroll in person at our university office at the beginning of your studies.

In case your documents are issued in German, English, Spanish or French language, we do not need translations for the application process either. For all other languages, we require an officially certified translation into either German or English for the application process.

Of course, we cannot give you a guarantee that you will find a job after successfully finishing our MBA program. But chances are very good that you will. In the region around Wuerzburg, there are plenty of companies and there is hardly any unemployment. In a 2018 ranking performed by the German business magazine „Wirtschaftswoche“, Wuerzburg ranked 10th place among the 71 large German cities when it comes to job availabilty! By the way, Wuerzburg also ranked 10th place in the same analysis when it comes to overall quality of life.

The graduate degree needs to be a Bachelor degree or similar from an officially recognized university. The regular duration of the graduate program needs to be at least 3 years. The graduate degree can be done in any subject.

The final grade needs to be at least 2,9 according to the German system. In case the final grade is 2,5 or better, you will be admitted directly. In case your final grade is between 2,9 and 2,6, you will have to successfully pass a selection interview.

Apart from the activities that are open to all students of our university, we offer various events and activities specifically for our MBA students, e.g. a Welcome Dinner, a visit to the local Christmas Market and a Summer Fete.

As an MBA student, you have access to all resources of our university. Those resources include:

  • university canteen
  • free use of local public transportation System
  • university library
  • sports facilities and courses
  • computer labs
  • counseling services

For some of those offerings, small fees might apply (e.g. food and drinks in canteen, sports courses).

MBA stands for „Master of Business Administration“. It is a degree that is awarded by universities around the globe and it is recognized worldwide. It is the standard degree for non-consecutive Master‘s programs in the fields of Business Administration, Management and Leadership.

Our MBA International Business started in the year 2003, at the time only offering the Focus Region Asia. It has taken place every year since then and meanwhile, we have broadened our offering and now offer the Focus Regions Asia, Europe and Latin America.

As a student of our university, you are entitled to apply for a place in student homes that are run by the students‘ union ( Apart from that, there is an active market for shared or individual student homes.

Yes, at the end of their studies in the third semester, all students write a Master’s Thesis as part of the program. The topic can be related to any course of the program and should have an international focus, ideally connected to the Focus Region you have chosen. You will be prepared to writing the thesis by the course „Research Projects“ and by writing papers in various courses of the program.

Here you can find an exemplary timetable of the three semesters. Please note that this timetable is a non-binding example only and that changes might take place each year (e.g. depending on the location of public holidays etc.)

Yes. The rate of criminality is very low in Germany overall, and especially low in the State of Bavaria.

No, we do not require the GMAT.

However, the GMAT can be helpful for admission if the finale grade in your bachelor studies was not 2,9 or better according to the German system. In this case, we alternatively accept a GMAT result with 600 points or better.

No, we do not have an age limit. It is never too late to qualify for higher positions!

Yes, for many modules, this is possible (please see the modules marked with "yes" in enclosed table) This is called modular studies and it aims at persons that want to increase their knowledge in specific fields only.

Also, modular studies can be used to see whether the MBA Programme is the right thing for you. You can start by taking selected modules only and then transfer to the regular MBA Programme. In this case, the modules that you have already taken and the study fees that you have already paid are of course taken into account.

For more information about modular studies, please approach our Marketing Managers.

All language courses are offered on beginner level, that is A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). For Spanish and Mandarin language, only A1 level is offered. For the German language, students that already have a language level higher than A1 can alternatively join one of the language courses that are offered by our university’s Campus for Language Proficiency on the level they need.