Learning Agreement

An academic exchange semester is a substantial part of your degree programme. Therefore, at your host university, you should take courses which are comparable by competencies, content, and workload with the courses at FHWS of your 3rd or 4th semester and courses of your 1st or 2nd semester which you did not pass. Planning your stay abroad, please keep in mind your further course of studies according to your Module Handbook and Study and Examination Regulation (SPO). Most lectures are only offered in the semester stated there.

The purpose of a Learning Agreement is merely to determine whether Credit Points can be transferred or not. The actual transfer of Credits is a separate process which you have to start yourself after your return to FHWS. Please find more information on how to do this in the section Transfer of Credits on our homepage.

Digital Learning Agreement (DiLA) for studying in EU countries - Erasmus+

For semesters abroad within the Erasmus+ program countries ("semester abroad EU"), the digital Learning Agreement (DiLA) will be used from the winter semester 22/23. In the course of preparing for their semester abroad, students will receive an email request to initiate the digital learning agreement via the portal MoveON, which was already used to apply for the semester abroad at the FHWS International Office (HSIN). Only after receiving this email the possibility to create the Learning Agreement in the MoveON portal is activated. For further information and instructions on how to create the digital learning agreement, please refer to the information on the digital learning agreement on the websites of the FHWS International Office.

Learning Agreement for studying in NON-EU countries and Freemover

To create your Learning Agreement, please follow these steps:

  1. If you were successfully assigned a place at one of our partner universities, please wait for the information and the consultation hour of our faculty concerning the Learning Agreement and the recognition of credits abroad.
  2. Please take notice of the subject comparison lists for your programme to get a first insight.
  3. Download the current Learning Agreement form, which you can find on the website of the International Office in the section "before the mobility".
  4. Afterwards, fill in the Learning Agreement by using this Learning Agreement Guide (English version / German version) and send it to International FWiWi via E-Mail only! Please comply with the regulations in the guide! Otherwise, a smooth and timely processing cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Once the internal review process has been completed, you will receive a copy of your Learning Agreement. Please forward this copy to Hochschulservice Internationales (HSIN).
  6. During your stay abroad, you will be able to make changes to your Learning Agreement via the “During the mobility“ section. Doing so, it is absolutely necessary that you follow the regulations stated in the guide.
  7. It is not necessary to fill in or sign the section “After the mobility“.

Note for Bachelor programme Media Management:

If you are a student of the Bachlor programme Media Management, please contact the chairman of your examination board directly to compile your Learning Agreement, Prof. Dr. Besenbeck.

Further Questions?

Please find the answers to some of the most common questions below.

When should I start?

After the information and the consultation hour of our faculty concerning the Learning Agreement and the recognition of credits abroad. Furthermore, the following requirements have to be met: You have been assigned a place at a university abroad and you have received the invitation from your host university.

How do I start?

Actively research online or get in contact with former and/or present (exchange) students of your host university. Then, choose courses and collect course descriptions.

What do I need?

Course descriptions including Outline/Schedule, Content and Competencies taught, Credit Points and workload (in credit hours per week).

How are Credit Points compared?

Not all CPs are equivalents. There are a number of different names such as ECTS, CP or STP and all of them have different weightings.

Will I be able to combine different subjects?

Yes, as far as they are stated in a Transcript of Records. However, all credits that are to be transferred have to be obtained abroad.

How do I provide my Learning Agreement?

Please send your Learning Agreement to International FWiWi via email only! We will process it and then send you a copy of the document. You will then forward this directly to the FHWS International Office (HSIN).

Where can I get the Application for the Transfer of Credits?

At the Department of Student Affairs (Hochschulservice Studium – HSST).

How does the Transfer of Credits work?

You need to apply for the transfer separately. Please find more information on how to do this in the section Transfer of Credits on our homepage.