Internship Semester Abroad

The professional internship is a mandatory part of the bachelor program International Management to make a first working experience. It is intended to provide a practical learning opportunity for students to apply the acquired knowledge and skills. They learn to identify and understand effective and efficient practices of their companies and get in touch with real life. The module consists of three mandatory parts; an internship preparation course, the internship itself and following up an internship reflection.

You will find all relevant information and further links on the homepage of the Internship Office of the Department of Student Affairs.

Internship Preperation

The preperation course needs to be accomplished before the start of the internship. Earliest in the end of the 2nd Semester and the latest at the end of the 4th semester. Students are being prepared before their internship to get accustomed to their time in a company. Objective is to give detailed knowledge in regard to the application process, behaviour in organisations, etc.

Internship Reflection

The reflection should take place immediately after ending the internship. If any important reasons may prevent doing the internship immediately, the student may do it in the following semester. Students should successfully reflect on the quality of the contribution they made, reassess their own career goals and refelct and present the gained experiences with other students.

Important notes

  • The internship consists of a total of 20 compulsory weeks at a company plus the practical courses PRAV and PRAR.
  • Generally, it is the students' job to find an internship. The Practical Training Information System PraktIS and other resources (see below) are provided. In addition, on the second floor (old building), on the opposite of the dean's office, there are various information about companies offering internships.
  • In problematic cases, e.g. a short-term cancellation of the internship position, the internship coordinator of the faculty will assist you.

Contact for internships at the Faculty of Economic and Business Administration

Internship Coordinator
Alex Kimmel

  • Information and advice on the internship
  • Internship Job Information System (PSIS)
  • New internships
  • Company contacts
  • Quality assurance
  • Problems during the internship
  • Company visits

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