Shih Chien University (USC), Taipei

Shih Chien University
Shih Chien University

Shih Chien University was founded in 1958 by Mr. Tung-Min Shieh. The name “Shih Chien,” which in Chinese means “practice”, was originated from the belief of Wang Yangming, a great Chinese philosopher: “Knowledge is the beginning of practice. Doing is the completion of knowing” (1498). Shih Chien University kept this motto in mind while implementing and expanding its educational vision.
The University has one campus in Taipei and another in Kaohsiung and is home to approximately 15,000 students and 700 faculty and staff.
In 2017, USC and FHWS celebrated their 30 years anniversary. The close relation between the two institutions is based on a reliable cooperation but also on dozens of exchanged students in the past. In 2009 both institutions signed the first Double Degree Agreement with meanwhile approximately 50 graduates in both directions.

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