Information about the certificate of IBS Plekhanov

Necessary documents for diploma:

  1. A copy of the official document of graduation (Bachelors Degree) as well as transcript of records should be  translated into Russian and be certified by the lawyer
  2. The passport translated into Russian and certified should be included (the passport must be translated into Russian and it shoud be done by a lawyer ot notary. The stamp of your school is not enough in this document, unfortunately)
  3. A certified copy of the student`s proceeding education traslated into Russian, certified by lawyer or notary.
  4. The first page of the Final Graduation Project should be written in English, containing your advisers and grade. There should be put a stamp by your University.
  5. The document about the work placement should be written in English, containing the name and address of the company, the period of time, description of position, task and the grade you received for defending your Internship. It should be certified by the Company where you had your Internship, your University or lawyer.
  6. The Graduation project should be sent to us by an e-mail.

As you see there are some documents that are still available in English, but the main part of them should be in Russian.
Note that the documents should be sent by courier post DHL-express or TNT- express in order to be sure that the documents will reach us in time and will not be lost.