Information for Incoming Double Degree Students

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration would be glad to host you as a Double Degree student. To give you a brief overview, this page will supply you with the most important information.

Furthermore, you will find more information on how to receive your degree on the following pages.

Experience of FHWS

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has broad experience with Double Degree agreements and has been working in that field since 1995.

Tuition Fees

Double Degree students are enrolled for the whole time of their studies at their home university and, for one year (2 semesters), at the partner university. FHWS does not charge any tuition fees from their incoming students. With the exception of ICMS (Sydney, AUS) FHWS students are usually exempted from tuition fees at the partner university.

Recognition of Studies Abroad

If the specific requirements, which are laid down in the Double Degree Agreement, are fulfilled by the student, FHWS recognises all the subjects completed at the partner university as if they were completed at FHWS.

Therefore, students do not lose any time and are able to finish their studies within the standard time while receiving two degrees.