Green City Plan Würzburg

The Green City Plan Würzburg: new ways to clean air

To further improve air quality, the City of Würzburg is collaborating with the county of Würzburg and other partners from February to July 2018 in order to draw up a "Green City Plan".

The IAL is, hereby, the project partner for urban logistics. The aim is to draw up a detailed concept that can be implemented quickly with a focus on the greatest possible reduction of pollutants and sustainable successful acceptance and implementation.

We work closely with the partners of the City of Würzburg to jointly design the innovative mobility of Würzburg. Working together naturally also means maintaining a close dialogue with citizens and interest groups.

Overall goal and development process

The "Green City Plan Würzburg" is an individual master plan for sustainable and emission-free mobility in the region of Würzburg. The aim is to achieve a significant improvement in the air pollution situation in the short term as well as to develop a consistent overall strategy with targeted measures for the longer term. This will be done with explicit consideration of future technological development opportunities in the mobility sector and with consideration of potential synergy effects with other areas of urban development (e.g. climate protection and adaptation).

Overview of the Green City Plan

  • Networking in local public transport
  • Digitalization
  • Urban logistics (responsibility IAL)
  • Electromobility
  • Pedestrian and cycle traffic / Parking Space Management / Mobility Management