Mobility Concepts for a CO2-minimized City Centre: Design of an Integrated Operational Mobility Management in Bad Neustadt/Saale

In cooperation with the Technology Transfer Centre Electromobility, Bad Neustadt/Saale


Development of a cross-company company mobility management (IBMM) for the emission-minimized processing of commuter flows in the sense of "commuter logistics" in Bad Neustadt/Saale, with the help of the optimization of user-specific forms of mobility (e.g. car-sharing, minibus lines, individual traffic with electric vehicles ...).


Investigation of commuter flows in Bad Neustadt/Saale

  • First interview: Where do how many commuters come from to Bad Neustadt?
  • Employer survey: What working time models are available? Parking facilities? Does mobility management already exist?
  • Employee survey: How and when does the individual employee get to work and back? What is the employee's assessment regarding public transport connections, car pooling, use of e-mobiles, etc.?
  • Potential analysis: evaluation of the questionnaires with the following aim: Improvement of the commuting services offered by commuters  

Conception of an IBMM and development of a catalogue of measures for employers 

A detailed description as well as the presentation of the project's resuts can be found at Personal Mobility.