Bildausschnitt des Strategieschiffs der Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften


Sales Management

  • Sales Management
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Controlling
  • Distribution Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Management

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Product and Price Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Market Research


  • Investigation of foreign markets
  • Analysis of companies, divisions and departments
  • Design and optimization of the marketing mix
  • Management of international sales structures
  • Establishment and maintenance of customer relationships


  • Positioning products and services in a global Market
  • Marketing Strategies in different cultural environment
  • Market Analyses with global data bases
  • Organizing the sales chanels
  • Using sales data for optimization
  • Using customer data for improving the relationship
  • Analyses for real companies with students of other universities
  • Excursion to Prag/Poland/…
  • Cannot be taken in parallel with the corresponding TWIN module: Marketing (BBW)